Senin, 13 Februari 2012

fairy maker a rainbow

by Putri Utami Pratiwi

Long time ago in a peaceful country there is a small village. The township is located in the sky and formed a magnificent palace. The village has a population of fairies there were all kinds such as fairy sun, fairy moon, fairy flower, fairy skay and other fairy.
The fairies led by the wise fairy sun. One day the sun elf leadership that geverms all season such as spring, fall summer or winter it was he who set all the colors of the sky and the fairies workes will carry out what is ordered.
One dayin late summer the fairy sun held talks with all the fairies, and the out come of that meeting will be scaled rain in late summer when the sun has not come up higjt. “All fairy rain tomorrow will be scaled back. rain as asign that summer has finished, I hope all fairy are going to point the sky with fairies color that matches what it should be ” said the fairy sun. Concurrent with the fairy answered “yes fairy sun we will do all that you commanded”.
” Let the day’s late night sleep time for us to prepare everything tomorrow” said a blue fairy. All the fairies and very soundly as sleep. The next day all the fairies go to a place filled with point color point the sky to turn the sky became overcast. All the fairies seemed enyrossed in pointing the sky while being wathehed by the leaders of the elves and fairies when the sun pointes the sky began almost comlete fairy rain water down to earth, all living things seem fun. Soon as the sky was almost finished in painting there is a careless fairy, fairy elfnamed Vixxio, Vixxio when it was carrying all colors of paint but the paint they carry isnot in accrdance with the fairy  weather that should paint a dark color.
Vixxio fairy turn accidentally dropped becouse the slipppery rain water was then all the paint colors they carry spill was scattered everywhere who, oddly enouh paint to form a number of line =s that are quite beautiful and all the fairies who was absorbed in painting the sky was stopped immediately and ran toward the scene made by fairies Vixxio. All the fairies seemed disappointed becouse of the color that has been created by Vixxio opposite of what theycreated fairy suddenly the sun came to see the noise that has been made Vixxio.
” What happened ? Vixxio what you have done, this shouldnot happen but……..(looking at a lines that have been made Vixxio by accident)” said the fairy sun.
“Forgive me all and told you the d=fairy sun I’m sorry, I accidebtally spilled paints these ” said Vixxio.
” yes, I have forgiven, Vixxio and all this a beautiful color I want after raun paint this color too, and this color I give name is “Rainbow” and you Vixxioas be head of the group.” said fairy Sun.
“Thank you fairy Sun, you are a wise and nice leader” said Vixxio.
Finally since the incident in every drop of rain would be no rainbow at the end of the rain.
” The End”

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